It not often we blow our own trumpet…

It not often we blow our own trumpet…
Accountant Surrey Small Business

…but we will make an exception in order to share these lovely words from a client we have helped over the past few months:


“As a contractor, I’ve experienced nothing but mixed advice, late notifications and three years of challenging my previous accountants!

Due to the high levels of debt I continually seemed to be in with HMRC, a friend of mine recommended Gillian at DNA to me. After an initial conversation with Gillian, I felt for the first time I was talking to someone who knew what they were doing. After meeting Gillian face to face this opinion only grew. Gillian’s initial assessment of my position was spot on and even better for me she had a plan to turn my situation around.

Since February 2019 and following Gillian’s every instruction I am now seeing a clear way forward knowing what to do and when. Better than this Gillian has worked her magic with HMRC which was nothing short of a miracle and has completely removed the massive stress this was putting me under.

I simply cannot thank Gillian and everyone at DNA enough.”


As a business owner, your job is to focus on what you do best and the thing that brings you the most income, that often isn’t liaising with HMRC, which often ends in people being bamboozled by their demands. That’s where we come in because that’s exactly when we went into business!!

So don’t struggle on alone, get yourself a good accountant and let them do their thing.


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