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Are you about to commence your start-up journey?

start-up journey

You’re starting a company – that’s great news! You’ve had an amazing commercial idea and you’re following your passion to create your own business. Good for you! But do you know what happens next? Follow this advice and your start-up

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Will You Pursue Your Business Idea in 2019?

small business 2019

Many would be business owners take the opportunity of a new year to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. If you are going to use 2019 to launch your new business then it’s important to remember that finances are a necessary part

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Which road should your business take?


Starting a business isn’t easy, your wish may be to create a lifestyle and have unlimited income opportunities, but let’s face it in order for that to happen you need focus and motivation, without these you just won’t know which

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Start-Up Advice: Choosing a Business Entity

Choosing Business Entity

So you’ve decided to Start-Up that business idea floating about in your head, and turn it into a reality; you’ve got a name, now you just need an Entity- but which is right? Limited Company, Sole Trader or Partnership? You

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Accounting terms that you need to know

Accounting terms that you need to know

When you start your own business there’s a lot of new knowledge you need to take onboard, especially when it comes to your accounts and bookkeeping, to be honest, most of it may seem like an entirely new language!! So

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Start-Up and Start-Off on the right foot


It is the ambition of many people to run their own business. There are many things to consider when you are venturing out on your own as a start-up. Here at DNA Accountants, we pride ourselves in offering a personalised

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Turn your “side hustle” into your main income

side hustle

Many of us have big dreams of quitting our day jobs and going to work on something we love. So why don’t we? For most people, quitting their jobs with little resources to fall back on and taking that leap of faith is

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Bloggers – feeling accounts pain?

Calling all Bloggers out there. Does the world of accounts and tax make you tear your hair out in blog induced pain? Does your creative flair mean that all thoughts of numbers gets pushed to one side? If so, we’re

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