Retirement – thinking of calling it a day?


DNA can help with your retirement plans.

There are many reasons why a business ‘retires’, and for many, this can be a stressful time. At DNA we have officially closed many companies and know all the areas that need attending to – and those that don’t. But we’re not just here for big company closures, we also deal with retired clients who ask us to take over the preparation of their tax returns. Either way, we understand how HMRC operates and if you’re due a tax repayment, don’t worry; we’ll make sure you receive it.

At DNA Accountants we strongly believe in sticking to our area of expertise and we will never commit to working with a new client unless we are completely confident we can deliver the results you need. For that reason, we don’t offer audits, insolvency and financial (investment) advice – although we know plenty of good advisors in these fields who we often refer clients to.