Revenue Investigation

Don’t get caught in the HMRC spotlight…

From time to time the Revenue will pick out a tax return or a set of accounts for a review. Normally there is nothing sinister with this – under self-assessment these reviews can be randomly picked to fulfil Revenue requirements.

However, if you’re not used to dealing with HMRC it can be a fairly difficult procedure. At DNA Accountants we can assist with every element of this process from answering the Revenue letters to coming to any meetings which are held at Revenue offices – and because our knowledge of Revenue matters is paramount, we’ll take the stress out of what can be an otherwise frustrating experience.

If you’re concerned that one day your company may be investigated by the Revenue, we offer all our clients a Fee Protection Service. This is essentially an annual insurance policy that will cover all our fees should you be subjected to a full-scale enquiry. In addition, the policy covers access to an HR and Employment helpline – which can be invaluable at a time like this.