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5 Money Management Tips for Small Business Owners

money management

Whether you like them or not, finances are a necessary part of running a small business, so to get some insight on effective procedures that entrepreneurs can adopt to improve their money management we’ve compiled our top five tips for

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Start-Up Advice: Choosing a Business Entity

Choosing Business Entity

So you’ve decided to Start-Up that business idea floating about in your head, and turn it into a reality; you’ve got a name, now you just need an Entity- but which is right? Limited Company, Sole Trader or Partnership? You

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Accounting terms that you need to know

Accounting terms that you need to know

When you start your own business there’s a lot of new knowledge you need to take onboard, especially when it comes to your accounts and bookkeeping, to be honest, most of it may seem like an entirely new language!! So

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Flat Rate VAT has changed….

flat rate VAT

….Are you aware of the changes? The VAT Flat Rate Scheme simplifies businesses’ record keeping, and makes it easy to work out the VAT they have to pay. However as of 1st April 2017 the scheme changed, as announced by

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Phillip Hammond’s first Autumn Statement

On Wednesday 23 November 2016 Phillip Hammond presented his first Autumn Statement. So what exactly did the Chancellor say and, more importantly, what did it actually mean? A summary of this year’s Autumn Statement is now available here dna-accountants_5010_autumn-statement_2016 The Autumn

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Having reviewed the Budget Press Releases and course notes in great detail it can be summarised by what is given in one hand is taken away by the other.

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