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How To Pick The Perfect Business Name – Don’t Over Think It…

business name

What is the most difficult element of starting your business? Coming up with the concept, writing a business plan, raising funding? No!!! it’s how to pick the perfect business name. Get it right and people will instantly remember you, get

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Are you about to commence your start-up journey?

start-up journey

You’re starting a company – that’s great news! You’ve had an amazing commercial idea and you’re following your passion to create your own business. Good for you! But do you know what happens next? Follow this advice and your start-up

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Which road should your business take?


Starting a business isn’t easy, your wish may be to create a lifestyle and have unlimited income opportunities, but let’s face it in order for that to happen you need focus and motivation, without these you just won’t know which

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Get those invoices paid quicker!

invoice paid

The problems faced by small business due to late payments have been very much in the news lately, as a business owner you are very aware of the importance of getting paid on time and that payment delays can seriously

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HMRC – Credit Card Crunch!

credit card

HMRC will no longer be accepting credit card payments when you pay your self-assessment bill. From January 13, self-employed, sole traders and company directors will no longer be able to use their own personal credit card to pay their self-assessment

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5 Top Tips to Grow Your Business

top tips grow business

Have you managed to get yourself through the start-up face and think you are now ready to find ways to grow and expand your business? Then you have definitely come to the right place. We have compiled some tried and

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Start-Up and Start-Off on the right foot


It is the ambition of many people to run their own business. There are many things to consider when you are venturing out on your own as a start-up. Here at DNA Accountants, we pride ourselves in offering a personalised

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